Collaborative Development

As soon as Maxima Systems receives your requirements they will be analysed by our consultants. This discussion phase ensures that the resulting design is properly thought through. This kind of collective insight can be prohibitively expensive, but we are able to offer it as a standard part of our service.

Having worked through the requirements the consultants are then able to proceed with the implementation phase. Regular code reviews are conducted throughout the development process to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. The resulting code is then methodically tested to ensure that it is bug free.

Fixed Cost Solutions

As systems become more complicated it is increasingly difficult to determine how long they will take to develop. Most large consultancy companies are reluctant to provide solutions for a reasonable fixed cost and this often results in projects costing far more than originally anticipated.

At Maxima Systems we strive to offer fixed cost solutions for all projects regardless of size and in doing so allow corporations to plan appropriately. Our fixed prices will be based on our estimation of how long a project will take and rely upon the provision of a suitably detailed requirement.

Long Term Support

Maxima Systems is happy to provide long term support for all the solutions it provides. Support will typically be charged at a pre-agreed hourly rate. In the event that code provided by us under a Fixed Cost Solution is found to be at fault we will be happy to conduct any work at no charge.

Remote Working

Our consultants work remotely whenever possible to enable Maxima Systems to make the best possible use of resources. The advantages to this strategy are numerous

  • The best consultant can be chosen for each task
  • Small projects remain cost effective
  • Consultants can be immediately assigned or reassigned to suit your needs
  • Consultants can work collaboratively and discuss strategies and requirements to come up with the best solution
  • Lower costs associated with travel and accommodation
  • Consultants avoid spending lots of unproductive time commuting
  • Clients don't need to provide office space or equipment
  • Maxima Systems is able to recruit the best candidates regardless of geographical location
To make this arrangement work effectively all projects will be assigned a senior consultant who will remain your main contact. The consultant will be familiar with all your requirements and your system and have skills that closely match your needs. Where necessary our consultants will also be able to visit your site on fact finding missions, or for the deployment of solutions.

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