Configuration Management

At Maxima Systems we use Configuration Management (CM) techniques on all our projects and we also provide CM support to other organisations.

What is Software Configuration Management?

Put simply it is managing changes made to software, the reporting of changes made and the ability to reproduce software accurately.

Why is Configuration Management important?

We have all seen the results of poor CM at some time or other.

Bugs which were fixed last week suddenly find their way back into a product. Code that was changed last week overwritten by an older version. Code fixes made to a previous version of a product not merged into the current one. Unapproved changes made to a piece of code causing unexpected problems. Inability to trace who made a particular change and no details on why. Inability to recover old code to find a serious problem or produce a patch.

Any one of these issues could reduce a customer's faith in your product and can be financially disastrous in the long term.

What can Maxima Systems do for me?

At Maxima Systems we have handled the Configuration Management of large projects for the likes of BT plc, Ericsson and Consignia and we will ensure your project is equally well managed.

Our tools of preference are Rational ClearCase and CVS. We are able to introduce your developers to either of these products, plan suitable branching policies and implement triggers. We can also produce scripts to track changes and produce relevant reports.

If you are interested in improving the management of your software development project then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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