Custom Software Development

Today most businesses use off the shelf package solutions for the vast majority of their IT needs and in most cases it is the easiest and most cost efficient approach.

Unfortunately if your requirements are unusual or you have an existing system in place it isn't always so easy. Smaller companies are often unable to find suitable software and instead spend a great deal of time and money manually working through information. For larger companies the situation is often worse as they struggle to deal with incompatibilities between their multiple systems.

At Maxima Systems we recognise that off the shelf products have a place in the modern enterprise, but we also know that software written specifically to meet your needs can greatly increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our consultants can develop complete systems or small applications which fill gaps in your current system.

An extreme example of the benefits of bespoke software development can be seen in our Isle of Man Portal. The whole of this system is automated, including registration of new users, creation of advertisements, invoicing and payment collection. We even allow people to save requirements and automatically notify them about new advertisements of interest.

Few businesses could become so automated that they no longer require any staff, but with our assistance many could concentrate more effectively on their core business.

For a list of the products and technologies we work with please click here.

If you feel that your business could benefit from our assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free discussion of your needs.

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